What are the different macros/parameters that Unliche supports?

Last Updated On March 01, 2019
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Unliche’s core tracking engine uses a combination of Campaign URLs, Affiliate tracking links, and date delivered via the integrated SDKs. These objects carry valuable information between your digital property and your campaign publishers (ad-inventories).

This explanation is covered into 2 separate sections each covering one of the key elements of the process to send and receive data.


Parameters & Values
With each click and conversion, crucial information passes via a combination of parameters andvalues.

parameter tells a server what information is being passed (like the offer ID or a mobile device ID etc.), and a value is the information itself. You can think of a parameter as a reserved word, and the value of that parameter is the definition of that word.


A macro is a special value that will later be replaced with another piece of information which is generated programatically by the respective tracking engine or dynamically passed thru by the app in which the Unliche SDK is integrated.

It is important to note that macros should always be enclosed by curly brackets ({}).

Let’s take an example to understand this concept:

Once you successfully define a campaign and allocate it to a partner, you receive a system generated tracking link like below:

aff_id represents the partner id to whom this campaign is being allocated
aid represents the advertiser id
click_id represents the click id

Notice that the structure of a tracking link follows a pattern

  • Information sent as parameters and values have a certain structure to them and they are always positioned after the question mark (?)
  • First, the parameter, then an equals sign (=), then the value.
  • You are not limited to pass only one macro in a URL. By separating the macros with ‘&’, multiple macros can be passed.


Flexibility by using “Macros”
The above link structure enables a very high level of flexibility wherein an advertiser can pass multiple values. In cases where  you don’t know the actual value you need to assign to a parameter for instance, things like click IDs that vary with each click, and affiliate IDs vary with each affiliate using your tracking links, one can use macros in place of specific values.


In Unliche, we allow a number of programmable macros to be used. The detailed list and their usage is elaborated in the table below:

MacroDefinitionTypeApplicable to
{adv_id}This Define the Advertiser IDClickMobile, Web
{lookback}This define the validity of the generated transaction id (Default: 30 Days)ClickMobile only
{camp_id}Refers to campaign IDClickMobile, Web
{currency}Refers to campaign currencyClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{c_name}Refers to the name of each campaignClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{camp_rev}Refers to campaign conversion revenueClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{aff_cost}Attribution Date/Time StampClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{attribution_time}Install Event Date/Time StampConversionMobile, Web
{install_event_time}Additional Affiliate Parameter 1ConversionMobile only
{aff_sub}Additional Affiliate Parameter 1Click/ConversionMobile, Web
{aff_sub2}Additional Affiliate Parameter 2Click/ConversionMobile, Web
{aff_sub3}Additional Affiliate Parameter 3Click/ConversionMobile, Web
{aff_sub4}Additional Affiliate Parameter 4Click/ConversionMobile, Web
{aff_sub5}Additional Affiliate Parameter 5Click/ConversionMobile, Web
{click_id}Parameter to receive transaction IDClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{adv_sub}Additional Advertiser Parameter 1ConversionMobile, Web
{adv_sub2}Additional Advertiser Parameter 2ConversionMobile, Web
{adv_sub3}Additional Advertiser Parameter 3ConversionMobile, Web
{adv_sub4}Additional Advertiser Parameter 4ConversionMobile, Web
{adv_sub5}Additional Advertiser Parameter 5ConversionMobile, Web
{sub_aff_id}Additional parameter to pass sub publisher/affiliate IDClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{event_id}Refers to event IDClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{event_name}Refers to event nameClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{app_name}Refers to App Slug NameClick/ConversionMobile, Web
{mtouch_id}Unique identifier to map userClick/ConversionMobile, Web
Conversion Date/Time StampConversionMobile, Web
{re_eng_window}Define’s retargeting window (No of Days to check retargeting)ClickMobile
(Web – not yet available)
{retargetting}Refers to retargeting statusClickMobile
(Web – not yet available)
{session_ip}Session IP from NetworkConversionMobile, Web
{conversion_ip}Conversion IP from NetworkConversionMobile, Web
{http_referrer}Referrer domain from NetworkConversionMobile, Web
{session_expiry}Define’s the Web Session ExpiryClickWeb only


Please note the macro’s type defines that the mentioned macro’s is only allowed in click/tracking url or conversion/affiliate url. Most of the macro’s are allowed at both the level.