Understanding Unliche Pricing Plans

Last Updated On January 03, 2019
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Unliche has pricing plans to suite every budget and customer depending on the stage of growth:

A Non-organic event trigger refers to the first non-organic event from a campaign tracked and measured by Unliche. 


This is a Pay-per-use plan that gives you the flexibility to run campaigns of any size and pay only for what you track.

This plan is suitable for:

  • Marketers who have variable and unpredictable marketing requirements
  • Entry level apps/websites who are new to performance marketing

The plan commences on the date you sign up with Unliche and is billed monthly.
All non-organic 1st event triggers measured by Unliche are billed at a flat 0.04c/event.



This plan involves a Monthly recurring payment. Get a 25% cost benefit (1st even per unit price) by committing to a monthly recurring plan. Track up to 30K first event triggers per billing cycle with this plan.

This plan is suitable for:

  • Marketers who have regular and predictable marketing requirements
  • Mid to medium large companies are typical users of this plan

The plan commences on the date you sign up (after the free trial) with Unliche and is auto-renewed monthly or upon completion of 30k 1st event triggers, whichever occurs first. Additional non-organic 1st event triggers (after the first 30k for the billing period) measured by Unliche are billed at 0.03c/event.



For customers who can’t seem to fit in either of the above plans, we are happy to work out a custom quote based on specific requirements.

This plan is suitable for:

  • Marketers who represent large companies who are on a rapid expansion stage

Custom plans also usually commence on the date you sign up with Unliche and are billed monthly.



Change of Plans

  • Plan change only at the end of the billing cycle
  • Change of Plan does not allow any DISCOUNT code application
  • Any plan to CUSTOM plan migration, please contact Support


Excess Billing

  • Applicable only to the Fee Based Plans (SEED, CUSTOM).
  • Excess units charged at the same per unit price as the price/in-organic 1st event