Get Response – Integrated email campaigns

Last Updated On January 10, 2019
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When you run an integrated email campaign with Unliche, you will receive conversion analytics beyond clicks and opens. You can see:

  • All the click & open data from Get Response
  • Event level conversion data
  • Distribution and device analytics


To integrate Get Response with Unliche:

  1. Click on app name and go to App Details screen and click on ‘Set Up Now’ under Integrations section
  2. Authenticate your Get Response account by entering your Get Response API key (from your account)


To run an integrated email campaign:

  1. Create an email campaign in Get Response
  2. Login to Unliche and go Campaign Management section
  3. Click on ‘Create Campaign’ and select Get Response from ‘Integrated Campaign’ section. This will give you the list of your Get Response Campaigns.
  4. Select the required campaign and proceed to for the next steps.
  5. Design your campaign funnel by selecting webpages/events that you would like to track.
  6. Once this is done, an unique tracking url link will be generated for your campaign
  7. Go back to Get Response and provide this link for your action button in the Get Response email template and take your campaign LIVE.