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Fighting Fraud in Digital Marketing

Ad Fraud, Click Fraud, Bot Traffic, Fake leads, Click Stacking, Pixel Stuffing/Spamming – Fraud in digital marketing can’t be ignored or dismissed as an industry-hazard. Digital fraud affects about 60% of all advertising and will cause advertisers to lose an estimated...

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Data is the new Oil

It’s easy to understand why data is being called the new oil. Data has become one of the most vital resources due to the way it is being used to power much of the business world and technical transformation that we see around us. The way oil needs to be refined before...

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Are you choosing the Right SDK for your Mobile App?

Mobile SDKs are a set of tools integrated into mobile applications and serve to enrich the basic app with advanced functionalities. While some SDKs are critical for developing any iOS or Android application, some specialized SDKs are installed in apps for specific...

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Learn more of Analytics
in Performance Marketing

Unliche is an advertising attribution and marketing analytics platform allowing marketers to measure the end-to-end performance of their marketing campaigns across integrated affiliates and channels from a single real-time dashboard. Unliche is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and SDK solution. When a user clicks on an ad, Unliche’s SDK collects various parameters such as the device identifier and the source of the user. Unliche also tracks various touchpoints that the user interacts with like when a user opens an app or visits a website and performs actions such as registrations, purchase, subscription etc. All of this data is available for analysis on the Unliche Dashboard enabling marketers to manage and optimise their marketing budgets.